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This year was another eventful one for film photography.

For more than a decade, film photography news most often dealt with closures and discontinuation. Now we’re mostly seeing announcements of new products – even if those don’t, as yet, currently include new colour films and cameras like many want.

Here’s Kosmo Foto’s guide to some of the year’s releases and news stories covered on the blog.

Fujoifilm Pro 400H (Pic: Fujifilm)
Fujifilm caused despair when it pulled the plug on the last of its professional colour negative films, Pro 400H (Pic: Fujifilm)



Intrepid Camera Enlarger (Pic: Intrepid Camera)
The Intrepid Camera Enlarger reached its funding target on kickstarter in only 10 minutes (Pic: Intrepid Camera)


Polaroid Go (Pic: Polaroid)
The Polaroid Go was Polaroid’s rival to the hugely popular Instax Mini range (Pic: Polaroid) 


  • Pixl-latr launches an accessory film mask to block stray light and to keep the pixl-latr from slipping during scanning.
  • Polaroid launches its latest film format – Round Frame, which features a round image in an extra large white border.
  • Polaroid releases its smallest camera yet, the Polaroid Go. The camera is an instant hit, aimed at the same younger market enthusiastic about Fufifilm’s Instax cameras.
  • A somewhat chargrilled (fire damaged) Leica M4 sells for £1,200 at an auction in the UK.



Negative Supply LightMeter LM1 (Pic: Negative Supply)
Negative Supply launched their high-end LightMeter LM1 (Pic: Negative Supply)


  • Negative Supply in the US launches the new high-end LM-1 light meter via Kickstarter.


  • Well-known YouTuber David Hancock launches the 5119 Cameras Large-Format Pinhole Kit, featuring a number of large format camera designs for DIY photographers.
  • Lithuanian film brand No Color Studio launches with an ISO 5 film called No 5.
  • After nearly four years of setbacks and delays, the Kickstarter-backed Reflex project call an end to their attempt to build a new 35mm SLR.
  • ORWO says it is launching a new colour cinema film for release “in the middle of 2022”.
  • Australia’s Film Never Die launches a Kickstarter for its design for an automated film processor. Although the Kickstarter is ultimately unsuccessful, the company says it will continue with its development.
Harman pop-up developing tent (Pic: Harman)
The Ilford-branded pop-up developing tent was launched at The Photography Show in September (Pic: Harman)




  • Hot on the heels of its BwXX announcement, CineStill also unveils a new 120 film – the redscale-look Redrum.
  • An airline passenger in the US is hauled off a flight by security after a fellow passenger mistakes one of his vintage cameras for a bomb.
  • Both TTartisan and Doomo unveil new hot shoe light meters.
  • The Pinsta – an all-in-one pinhole camera, developing tank and enlarger devised by Oliver New – launches via Kickstarter.
  • UK film retailer Analogue Wonderland opens its own film processing lab, called Wonderlab.
  • The book ‘Analogue Photography in the Pandemic’ launches, showcasing work by dozens of film photographers during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Part of its funding raises money for the family of Sunny 16 co-host John Whitmore, who sadly died in November.
  • Kodak Alaris announces a price rise of around 20% on all of its film products starting from January 2022, blaming rising costs of raw materials, supply chain issues and the need to invest in future manufacturing.
Field of flowers on LOMOgraphy Turqiuoise (Pic: LOMOgraphy)
LOMOgraphy Torquoise – back again after a five-year gap (Pic: LOMOgraphy)



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