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Ten classic East German cameras

Last month marked 70 years since the creation of East Germany. The postwar partition of Germany – the West and East separated thanks to the...

Fancy owning a camera from a Soviet MiG?

The Soviet Union built a bewildering array of cameras over its 70+ year history, from tiny spy cameras you could hide under a coat...

Veteran photographer David Burnett shoots Trump impeachment hearings on large format

Photographer David Burnett has always been happy to strike away from the press pack when covering new events. In 2000, covering the Presidential race which...


Kosmopedia: Yashica T4/T5

Kyocera could have had no idea what it was doing when it launched the Yashica T4 on the world in 1990. The T4 was just...

Kosmopedia: Olympus XA2

The Lomo LC-A, if it were designed by a Japanese genius The Olympus XA2 is a viewfinder 35mm camera made by Olympus from 1980 until...

Kosmopedia: Agfa CT100 Precisa

The film that built Lomography. Agfa CT100 Precisa was Agfa's consumer-grade 100-ISO slide film during the 1990s and 2000s. Germany's Agfa had been making colour transparency...

Camera reviews

Pentax ESII: The camera that captured rock’s most iconic photograph

In May 2007, I went to take pictures of the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers for a long-term project shooting bands at soundcheck. For...

Praktica BMS review

By Marek Orihel These are simple but great camera coming from the factory of Pentacon – the company responsible for cameras such as Exakta 4.5x6,...

Olympus Mju-II review

By Ronald Hogenboom You either 'get' the Mju-II, or you don't. If you don't, you might compare it unfavourably to your SLR, or to a more...

52 Photo Tips

52 Photo Tips #26: Don’t overlook toy cameras

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. They were the cameras built for curious fingers and enthusiastic, is...

52 Photo Tips #25: f/8 and be there

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead There's a lot more to the photojournalist's maxim "f8 and be there"...

52 Photo Tips #24: Find a favourite film

This is the 24th post in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. When you first start shooting film, the choices can be a...