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Need film developed? You can post them to these labs

Many photography labs around the world have had to temporarily shut up shop thanks to the coronavirus. Photo labs are not, after all, essential...

Studio shooting on the Kiev-88

By Iain Compton Many years ago, I lived in Kiev, and found myself falling in love with Soviet camera equipment. The fleamarkets, camera stores and...

First roll: Rollei Superpan 200

Maco Direct is a German photographic distributer, based near the northwestern city of Hannover. It specialises in film photography – film, paper, developing chemicals and...


Kosmopedia: Diana

A plastic novelty turned photographic icon. In 1958, a plastics factory in Hong Kong unveiled a new camera design. This was, some argue, the golden age...

Kosmopedia: Leica Standard

The Leica of the 21st Century doesn’t really do budget cameras. The cameras they make at their base in Wetzlar, Germany are precision items,...

Kosmopedia: Pentax MX

A cult classic from the decade of heavy metal. In 1976, Pentax unveiled a pair of diminutive new SLRs to rival Olympus’s extremely popular OM...

Camera reviews

Ghetaldus King Regula IIIa review

By Žiga Četrtič Viewfinder cameras are nowadays praised because they offer photos with special character. However, “special character” can often mean “crappy quality and thus...

Kosmo Foto wants your reviews and stories

If you’d described the last week to me as I prepared to toast in the New Year three months ago, I’d have been worried...

Ricoh KR-10 review

By Aaron Gold Since we’re celebrating the 101st year of Asahi Optical, the makers of Pentax cameras, I thought it would be fun to look...

52 Photo Tips

52 Photo Tips #26: Don’t overlook toy cameras

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. They were the cameras built for curious fingers and enthusiastic, is...

52 Photo Tips #25: f/8 and be there

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead There's a lot more to the photojournalist's maxim "f8 and be there"...

52 Photo Tips #24: Find a favourite film

This is the 24th post in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. When you first start shooting film, the choices can be a...