German experimental film brand KONO! has announced the release of three new films, including a black-and-what emulsion with an ISO of only 3.

KONO! describes the 35mm film – called Monolit 3 – an “orthochromatic and ultra-slow film stock with a speed of ISO 3.

Bollard taken on Monolit 3 (Pic: KONO!)
An image taken on KONO! Monolit 3 (Pic: KONo!)

“The perfect film stock for architecture and landscape photography. High details, extra-long exposure times.”

The German film producer says the emulsion has been made with the help of Ukraine’s Svema. The film costs €12.50 a roll (£10.80/$15.25).

The second film is a 100-ISO 35mm black-and-white film called Monolit 100 (€10.90/£9.40/$13.30), which has also been produced with the help of Svema, once the USSR’s biggest film manufacturer.

House and clouds in sky (Pic: KONO!)
A dramatic image taken on KONO! Monolit 100 (Pic: KONO!)

The third film is Delight Art 120 medium-format film, a tinted colour negative film using a new technique to add the colour tint.

KONO! says: “KONO! Delight Art 100 is our first 120 Medium Format Film, based on first class professional film stock. Each roll is carefully tinted by professionals. A completely new look is the outcome of carefully altered hue, saturation and contrast.

KONO! Delight Art 120 film (Pic: KONO!)
KONO! Delight Art 120 film (Pic: KONO!)

“Nearly 30 years of professional experience working with film stock, gave us the know how to design and built our machines.

“We had to question everything we knew and rethink each production step to make the KONO! Delight Art 100 possible. This resulted in a new device, it is still a made by hand and time-consuming process, but all crucial parameters are now completely digitally controlled. This ensures steady results and is at the same time as gentle to the film stock as imaginable.”

Delight Art 100 is being sold for €18.90 (£16.30/$23.10) per roll. The film includes an “exposed” sticker which marks that the film is colour tinted.

Motorcycle truck on Delight Art 120 film (Pic: KONO!)
The tinted Delight Art 120 film has eye-catching, popping colours (Pic: KONO!)

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