TTArtisans light meter (Pic: TTArtisans)
The new TTArtisan meter resembles the Voightlander VC meters and Doomo’s D meter (Pic: TTArtisans)

Two new hotshoe light meters for film cameras have been released.

Chinese lens maker TTArtisan has revealed its new light meter, which is very similar to the recent design released by fellow Chinese company Doomo. Both designs strongly resemble the Voigtlander-branded VC meters made by Cosina.

The new meters feature two dials, one for aperture and the other for shutter speed, with an LED light showing when the correct combination is chosen. The tiny meters, which weigh only 35g and run off a CR2032 battery, are available in black or chrome and cost $56 (£40.85/€48.15) before shipping.

Doomo S meter (Pic: Doomo)
Doomo’s new OLED S meter (Pic: Doomo)

Doomo has itself announced a new meter to join its VC-styled D meter. The new Doomo S meter uses what Doomo describes as “one key metering” and features a selection dial as well an OLED display. The new meter costs $89 (£64.50/€76.50) and like the TTArtisans meter ships from China.

TTartisans meter (Pic: TTArtisans)
(Pic: TTArtisan)

The new meters join a number of others which were released over the past two years. The Doomo D meter was joined by the Kickstarter-funded Reveni Labs meter, a tiny OLED meter created by Canadian inventor Matt Bechberger. (Read Kosmo Foto’s review here.)

Another project funded via Kickstarter was the Hedeco Lime One, a slim OLED hotshoe meter created by German inventor Johannes Heberlein. (You can read Kosmo Foto’s initial impressions of the meter here.)

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2 years ago

The TTartisan website already says “sold out” – the day you published this article.