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Adox Silvermax rolls (Pic: Adox)
The last batch of the film features a new design (Pic: Adox)

Film manufacturer Adox is discontinuing its Silvermax high-contrast black-and-white film.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (2 March), the German film producer said: “Silvermax has become a favorite [sic] of many, and we are sad to announce the very last production, but excited to reveal this new limited edition design, celebrating 160 years of Adox.

“We do not know, if there will be a Silvermax II, but the first and original Silvermax era has come to an end. It’s been a fun ride. Thank you to all the analog [sic] shooters, who created incredible imagery on this silver-rich, extra sharp film throughout the years.”

Silvermax’s new packaging features a two-tone canister – a black body and dark orange top.

The film is an ortho-panchromatic film similar the fondly remembered Agfa APX100 (the original German-made version, not the third-party film of recent years). The film has higher-than-usual silver content which adds greater contrast, leading to deep blacks and crisp whites. The 100-ISO film is also regarded as exceptionally fine-grained.

The last batch is available from retailers which stock Adox films now.

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2 years ago

Sad to hear the news . It’s a wonderful film…one of my favorites..I just don’t understand why they are discontinuing it..

2 years ago
Reply to  Jan

Because they didn’t produce it! They just sell legacy of Agfa. And now ‘The last batch for double price!” I hate them for that kind of marketing. Switched to Tri-X for steady production.