Reveni Labs spotmeter (Pic: Reveni Labs/Instagram)
The new meter will launch on Kickstarter in February (Pic: Reveni Labs/Instagram)

Hotshoe lightmeter designer Reveni Labs has announced a new spotmeter which will launch via Kickstarter in February.

The spotmeter follows on from the original cube-shaped meter launched by Canadian founder Matt Bechberger in February. The Kickstarter campaign ended up raising more than CAN$124,000 (£70,700/$96,000) and led to full-scale production of the meter.

“Today is a big day because I’m announcing the next big product from Reveni Labs, the Reveni Labs Spot Meter!” Bechberger said on Instagram on Friday (8 January).

“It’s a tiny 1.5° digital spot meter with a novel aiming method and lots of advanced features! It also features a great metering technique pioneered by @nickcarver to help you meter in even the trickiest situations.

“Designed with large format field photography in mind, it’s extremely compact size and light weight make it a perfect choice for photo hiking trips. It’s also glasses-friendly as it works from up to 1.5″ (37mm) from the eye.

“The Reveni Labs Spot Meter will be launching on Kickstarter in February with an MSRP of $225 CAD ($177 USD) making it a very affordable spot metering solution.”

The original Reveni Labs meter – well suited to those needing readings for landscapes, studio shots or portraits – was the first of a number of hotshoe meters released this year, including the Hedeco Lime One and the Doomo.

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