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Cinestill RedRum film (Pic: Cinestill)
The new RedRum film is a redscale version of the 800T film (Pic: Cinestill)

CineStill has announced the release of a limited-edition redscale medium format film called RedRum.

The film is in fact reversed rolls of CineStill’s 800T colour film. By shooting though the reddish film base, the film effectively loses two stops of sensitivity.

“This unique film will only be available for a limited time and in limited quantities, so once it’s gone, it’s gone,” CineStill said on its website. “RedRum is a colour negative ISO 200 film in 120 format that has been reverse-rolled for exposing through the base of the film, rather than directly to the emulsion. This creates a monochromatic red, yellowish look with images, giving photographers a new medium and look for creating eye-catching (and spooky) images.

“With a name like RedRum, this film is a perfect fit for the upcoming holiday season and will be available only for a very limited time.” RedRum was a semi-palindrome of “murder” spoken by the character Danny in Stephen King’s horror novel ‘The Shining’.

Produced using CineStill’s 800T emulsion, RedRum is uniquely appropriate for red-scale photography because there is no anti-halation layer to disrupt the light, resulting in higher speed (ISO 200), better sharpness, and bold colour. This film is safe for C-41 photo lab processing and has been factory spooled and packaged.”

You can see the effects in this gallery of images supplied by CineStill.

The film is available from the CineStill website for $14 (£10) and is also available via German distributor Fotoimpex. CineStill says it will be made available via other outlets soon.

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