Meyer Optik Görlitz Primoplan 58/1.9 II (Pic: Meyer Optik Görlitz)
The new lens is a reworked version of the classic Primoplan from the 1940s Meyer Optik Görlitz Primoplan 58/1.9 II (Pic: Meyer Optik Görlitz)

German lens maker Meyer Optik Görlitz has announced the release of the Primoplan 58mm f/1.9 II lens, available in a number of mounts.

The new lens will be available in no less than nine different lens mounts, which are:

  • Canon EF
  • Fujifilm X
  • Leica L
  • Leica M,
  • Micro Four Thirds,
  • M42, Nikon F
  • Pentax K
  • Sony E

The lens is an improved version of the lens maker’s previous model of this revived classic lens, first produced in the 1940s. The lens has 14 aperture blades and five elements in four groups, with a stepless aperture range from f/1.9 to f/22.

“The initial Primoplan 58 f1.9 was developed by the brilliant Meyer-Optik designer Paul Schäfter 80 years ago,” said Meyer Optik Görlitz in a listing for the new lens. “Its light intensity of 1:1.9, which was considered extremely high back then, made the Primoplan 58 f1.9 one of the most exciting lenses of its time. The Primoplan 58 f1.9 gained its legendary reputation among photographers around the world in no time at all.

“The lens has always been known for its extensive range of bokeh effects. With maximum aperture, the bokeh effect swirls and the lights flow into each other as if by magic. When stopped down, it is ‘creamy’ with slight detail in the blur. The smooth progression from focus to blur gives images a sense of depth. 14 aperture blades even blur the lights and depict them as almost circular.”

The lens is currently listed as for sale for €899, though it’s reported some US sellers are listing it for $899.

Some example pictures taken on the lens can be seen below:


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