Cinestill BwXX 120 (Pic: Cinestill)
The new film is available now via the CineStill shop and retailers (Pic: CineStill)

CineStill has announced the release of its BwXX black-and-white cinema film in 120 format.

The film is a Kodak motion picture stock which exhibits similar characteristics to Kodak’s classic Tri-X film.

The 250-ISO film can be push-processed up to ISO 1600, CineStill said.

“Ideal for low light situations, this film delivers rich blacks and wide range of tonal steps, while also providing very high sharpness, crisp micro-contrast, and a fine grain structure. This film stock is left relatively unchanged since its release in 1959 for motion picture use.

“It is thanks to all the dedicated film shooters out there that we were able to bring such an exciting new film stock to the market. For all the silver halide enthusiasts out there, we hope you’ll enjoy shooting this film as much as we do!”

(Images above, clockwise from top left: Casey Bennett, Lena Jeanne and Evyn Morgan, via CineStill)

The film is available via the CineStill shop and is also available via other retailers around the world.

The film is a follow-up to a 35mm version of the film which was first released in 2014.

CineStill recommends developing the film using its CineStill D96 developer, but says the film can also be developed in a range of other chemicals and has published a development time guide on its site.

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