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Kodak Alaris film (Pic: Philm1310/Pixabay)
Kodak Alaris says increased demands and supply chain pressures are behind the increases (Pic: Philm1310/Pixabay)

Kodak Alaris has announced a “significant” price increase affecting all its film products in January 2022.

Kosmo Foto was shown examples of new pricing from one UK distributor on Thursday (28 October). The rises were confirmed by Kodak Alaris on Friday.

The price rises affect all consumer and professional Kodak films, as well as single-use cameras. Most films will see price rises of at least 20%, Kosmo Foto has been told.

The new price increases follow others at the beginning of this year and 2020.

Kosmo Foto understands the price rises are primarily due to increases in materials and manufacturing costs, logistics and the impact of inflation in various parts of the world following the Covid pandemic. Increases in shipping costs and limited availability of shipping containers has also affected the movement of components to make the film.

Kodak ColorPlus (Pic: El Grafo/Wikimedia Commons)
Kodak’s ColorPlus is currently one of the cheaper films in the Kodak Alaris roster (Pic: El Grafo/Wikimedia Commons)

Eastman Kodak, the US company which produces all Kodak-branded film, has experienced exceptional supply issues in 2021 and struggled to keep up with market demand.  This is partly due to a huge increase in interest in film and compounded by the effect of the Covid pandemic on supply chains. Eastman Kodak has found it difficult to have constant supplies of all chemicals and components to manufacture and package films. The pandemic has also made it more challenging to move finished film across the world.

Apart from LOMOgraphy and Russia’s Silberra, Kodak Alaris currently remains the only film producer introducing new colour film to the market. In 2017, it brought back Ektachrome E100 slide film. The last of Kodak’s slide films had previously been discontinued in 2012.

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1 year ago

Can you share / link the source where Kodak confirms the price increase?


[…] was disappointed to see that Kodak have announced further price increases. Kodak’s films are already expensive, with things like Portra and Ektachrome pretty much off […]

1 year ago

I’ve just seen the new prices.. oof, 55% increase on t-max. pretty nuts imo.