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Fujifilm echoes warnings over hand luggage CT scanners

Fujifilm has become the latest film manufacturer to warn about possible damage to unprocessed film from the new CT hand luggage scanners. It follows guidance...

Ilford Photo working with Heathrow Airport on CT scanner issue

Ilford Photo has announced it is working with Heathrow Airport to come up with new guidelines for scanning film amid concerns over new CT...

Cameradactyl launches Kickstarter for Mongoose film scanner

Cameradactyl has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new film scanner to use with DSLRs. The Mongoose can be used with any DSLR which can...

Kodak Alaris: Film damaged after just one pass in CT hand luggage scanners

Kodak Alaris is planning an information blitz to protect film from new CT hand luggage airport scanners after a recent test showed just one pass...

Kodak Alaris warning: New hand luggage scanners ‘will damage unprocessed film’

Kodak Alaris has updated its film care and storage recommendations, confirming the recent warning that new CT scanners used to screen hand luggage in...

New airport hand luggage scanners could destroy unprocessed film

UPDATE: New film care recommendations from Kodak Alaris confirm the new scanners can damage film. Read Kosmo Foto's story. If you’re flying through US airports...

Kodak unveils $40 cardboard mobile film scanner

Kodak has unveiled a new mobile film scanner that allows you to scan using your smartphone – and it’s made of cardboard. The new Kodak...

Kodak offers free downloadable ‘do not x-ray’ labels

Kodak Alaris has provided a free template for a “Do Not X-ray” label for film photographers travelling through airports in the wake of concerns...

How to travel with film

Shooting film in the city you live in or a daytrip away is one thing. What if you want to go further afield? What if...

Learning to develop black-and-white film with Caffenol

By Rachael Tabone I spent a little time in a darkroom during my A-levels (more years ago than I care to remember), learning how to...