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Reflex SLR (Pic: Reflex/Kickstarter)
The Reflex SLR project was launched via Kickstarter in November 2017 (Pic: Reflex/Kickstarter)

Reflex, the project to launch a modular 35mm SLR which raised more than £130,000 ($182,000) via Kickstarter in 2017, is holding a public Zoom meeting on the camera’s current status.

Kosmo Foto was sent a press release announcing the meeting, which follows a series of setbacks affecting the camera project over the last few years.

The press release reads: “Dear Reflex Backers and Supporters, in response to questions raised regarding the Reflex project, a public Zoom meeting – with founder Laurence Von Thomas will be hosted on Wednesday, August 18th, at 6.30pm GMT (this in order to accommodate for most time zones).

“Concerns regarding past, present and future activities will be addressed and we welcome any inquiries in regards to the project.”

People are asked to send requests to join the meeting or to send questions to be answered to info@reflex.global

The Reflex camera project received enormous interest on its launch in 2017. Founder Laurence Von Thomas’ vision was for a modular 35mm camera which had removable lens backs and lens mounts, allowing photographers to switch films and lens mounts on the go.

The camera was originally scheduled to be launched at the Photo Plus event in New York in October 2017, but suffered a string of delays. The first major hurdle was the discovery in early 2019 that the team would have to build the camera’s shutter unit from scratch because an existing unit was not available.

Later that year, the project was dealt another blow when one of the engineering teams working on the camera walked out.

Prior to announcement of this month’s meeting, the last major update had been in October last year, when Von Thomas said a possible investor who had previously signalled interest in funding at a later stage had “started exploring the idea of getting involved in a project at an earlier stage”.

The Reflex was one of two SLR projects launched at the end of 2017, the other being the Ihagee Elbaflex, a German-Ukrainian project reviving the Kiev-19M SLR which failed to raise the £36,000 needed on its Kickstarter campaign.

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