Reflex SLR
The Reflex SLR, which raised more than £130,000 on Kickstarter (Pic: Reflex)

The makers of the new Reflex manual-focus 35mm SLR are to develop the camera’s shutter in house due to the problems finding suitable shutter units.

“After a period of uncertainty around the supply of shutter units as explained in the December Kickstarter Update, Reflex is now on track to finalise its 35mm SLR camera, as the decision was made to start developing the shutter units in-house,” a statement from Reflex released on Tuesday said.The statement quoted Reflex founder Laurence Von Thomas saying:

“On paper it’s quite simple; Either we throw the towel, or we ramp up initial production – but this will need extra investment – or we start making our own shutter units.

“The first is of course not an option, and while we are in talks with investors about the second, we have decided to take fate into our own hands and will be designing the shutter unit in-house. In fact, we have already started work on a prototype unit and have been testing some of the casing materials and electronics design.”

This 35mm manual-focus camera was launched on Kickstarter in late 2017. It is a completely new design that harks back to film SLRs from the 1960s, looking like something that might have been released by the likes of Topcon or Fujica. The camera boasts 1/4000th fastest shutter speed and a meter with a highest setting of ISO 6400, but it also boasts a removable film back (so you can shoot colour and black-and-white at the same time) and a modular lens mount which can be swapped between different lens mounts.å

According to Reflex, the camera will now go into production in late spring or early summer of this year. “Once we can confirm that -after a period of testing- the shutter is solid, we will be taking pre-orders upon general request, allowing us to ramp up production,” the statement says.

“A positive coming from this is that we will not be dependent on 3rd party suppliers for a key component anymore, and yes, if we succeed, we will be taking orders. Likely with a reasonably low MOQ, if there is any interest.”

Reflex also said production of the three prime lenses for the camera, unveiled at last September’s Photokina in Cologne was on track, with production expected to start in March.

Reflex also said it had been invited to show the camera at the Satrtup Grind in Silicon Valley in February.

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4 years ago

really good news for reflex, just hope all the backers can remain patient. this is currently our only hope for a new camera.