Yashicamat 124G camera and Kentmere 120 films (Pic: Ilford Photo)
The films are available in 120 format for the first time (Pic: Ilford Photo)

UK-based film manufacturer Ilford Photo has released its budget Kentmere films in 120 format for the first time.

Kentmere Pan 100 120 and Kentmere Pan 400 120 were announced on Thursday afternoon (1 December).

Marking the release, Ilford Photo said: “Kentmere black & white photographic films and papers are manufactured at our site here in Mobberley, Cheshire, and undergo the same rigorous quality checks as our Ilford branded products. They are an excellent entry point into the world of analogue film photography.

“Kentmere Pan 100 and 400 are already available in 24 and 36 exposure 35mm cassettes and 35mm bulk length rolls. Aimed at the budget-conscious photographer, these offer some of the best value films on the market. We are now pleased to be able to offer that same level of quality, value, and consistency to all medium format photographers.”

People walking through Mediterranean street (Pic: Matt Parry)
An example of Kentmere 400, provided by Ilford Photo (Pic: Matt Parry)

The films are already being made available to retailers.

The Kentmere range is named after Kentmere Photographic, a small UK photo paper manufacturer which Ilford Photo’s parent company Harman purchased back in 2007. The Kentmere-branded films were first released in 2009, and are thought to be based on other emulsions made by the company.

The Kentmere 120 announcement is only the latest medium format film to be released this year, following the launch of Kodak Gold 120 earlier this year and the release of Cinestill’s 400D aswell.

Kosmo Foto was sent a few rolls of the new 120 Kentmere emulsions to test some weeks back and you can see the results here.

You can also see them in the YouTube video below:

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James Mahon
James Mahon
11 months ago

Has anyone compared Kentmere Pan100 to FP4?
It seems they have …

Sounds like it is less contrasty than fp4.
No mention of resolving power or grain.