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Kodak Gold 200 (Pic: Kodak Alaris)
The film has been released in 120 format for the first time since Gold’s introduction in 1997 (Pic: Kodak Alaris)

Kodak Alaris has announced the release of the popular Kodak Gold 200 colour negative film in 120 format.

The film is being released on Monday (21 March) in five-packs suitable for any 120-format cameras.

It is the first time the film has been offered in this format since Kodak Gold replaced the earlier Kodacolor Gold emulsion in 1997.

“The 120 film format was introduced back in 1901 for the Brownie No 2 camera,” said Thomas Mooney, the manager of film capture products at the Kodak Moments Division of Eastman Kodak.  “Although it’s been around for 120 years, it’s still one of the most popular film formats in use today.  One main reason for its popularity is that the larger film negative can be enlarged significantly without losing image quality.

“This is a great opportunity for aspiring photographers looking to make the jump from 35mm to medium format photography.”

(Pic: Kodak Alaris)

Another statement from Kodak Alaris read: “The new 120 format Kodak Professional Gold 200 is an affordable, entry-level colour film featuring an ideal combination of warm saturated colour, fine grain, and high sharpness.  It is designed for any level photographer for daylight and flash capture.”

The film is the first new colour film format from Kodak Alaris since Ektachrome E100 was released in 120 and sheet films in December 2019.

The release comes amid speculation that new US-market versions of Fujifilm’s Fujicolor C200 35mm film is in fact rebranded Kodak Gold 200.

Gold 200, alongside the consumer-grade ColorPlus 200 film, is one of the cheaper offerings remaining in the Kodak Alaris range.

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Gary Quinn
1 year ago

That’ll be nice. I don’t need the extra resolution or latitude of Portra. I’ll definitely be shooting 120 on summer holidays this year 😀

Last edited 1 year ago by Gary Quinn