Ruined church (Pic: Will Park)
(All pics: Will Park)

The latest photographer to share images from their test rolls of Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow is journalist Will Park.

I am a journalist and science writer at the BBC. For me, analogue photography is a hobby – but also pretty much exclusively how I take photographs. I don’t think I’ve taken a single meaningful photo on my phone in years.

Both of these rolls were shot on my Konica C35. It’s a camera I use a little less frequently than the others, but a lovely camera nonetheless. Many of these photos were taken on a country walk around Stonor in the Chiltern Hills and feature the ruins of St James Church at Bix. The church was a serendipitous discovery, but it being a bright day, the conditions were perfect to capture the sharp shadows cast by its walls.

Two trees on hill (Pic: Will Park)

These rolls were developed in Df96 monobath at 21C for six minutes, and then scanned in an Epson V550. Home developing and scanning is a skill I picked up last year in the first lockdown. If ever there was a time to try home developing, that was it.

I think home developing has changed the way I approach shooting a little – I save rolls up and develop 10-12 at a time. So what was already a slow, offline hobby is now even more so. The act of developing is also very pleasurable and taking the time to scan each frame gives a greater appreciation of the qualities of each film. I think I have a clearer idea of which films I enjoy shooting most for having developed and scanned them myself.

I enjoyed shooting Agent Shadow very much. I have to admit I shoot B&W less frequently than colour (though when I do, I shoot Kosmo Foto Mono), in part because I think I find it easier to see interesting colours in frames rather than interesting details. It’s a habit I would like to change.

I was very impressed with the results from Agent Shadow, though, and think it might become my first-choice film for B&W.

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