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Fujifilm appears to have pulled the plug on yet another film – Pro 160NS.

The 160-ISO colour negative film, a rival to Kodak’s Portra 160, is listed as still available in 120 format in the UK, Europe and Japan. It had also previously been available in 35mm before being discontinued in 2010.

Kosmo Foto was alerted to its discontinuation by a UK retailer, who had posted on Facebook that he had been told the film was no longer for sale.

This follows Fujifilm’s recent decision to axe its very popular Acros 100 film, the last of its black-and-white range, a few months ago.

It also follows culling of the Japanese firm’s once ubiquitous Superia range of consumer colour films. The latest victim was Superia 200 in 2017.

Pro 160NS is still listed on Fujifilm’s website, but Kosmo Foto has found in the past that discontinued films can still be actively listed on such pages for some time before the listings are taken down.

While the film – a favourite of wedding and portrait photographers – was only available in 120 since 2010, this is a high-profile loss in Fujifilm’s line-up. Now, the lowest ranged film in the Pro line-up is 400H, which is at least still available in 35mm.

Fujifilm have yet to comment on the news.

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5 years ago

Fuji is desperate to get out of the film business other than Instax (and how long will that last?) looking at their actions. They’ve fallen to the same digital trap that Kodak did and look what it did for them.

5 years ago

AG photographic sold their last roll in October 17 (see twitter feed). Most other uk retailers now out of stock. It remains on sale elsewhere in Europe, Japan and Australia. (never been sold in the US). It used to be called 160S to 2010 (same emulsion). However don’t expect a discontinuation notice until its axed from sale in Japan. Question why the UK? – lack of demand (unlikely as sold out), poorer returns than rest of Europe due to fall in exchange rate (but no other stock affected) or fuji managing down stock by controllling sales area? (extend sales of… Read more »