Is Acros 100 the latest Fuji film to go?

Acros is the one of only two black-and-white films left in Fujifilm’s roster (Pic: Wikimedia)

One of Fujifilm’s last remaining black-and-white film appears to be the latest in the Japanese company’s roster to be discontinued.

Acros 100, a favoured film for landscape photographers, travellers and fine art fans alike, is due to face the axe in October of this year, according to Casual Photophile on Friday.

The site reported that the news had been gleaned “from translations of Japanese dealer-distributed documents”.

Casual Photophile said requests for further info from Fujifilm’s US offices had not been answered; as of yet there had been no official statement from them about the film’s future. Fujifilm’s UK office is closed for the Easter break, so Kosmo Foto has not been able to get a statement from them.

The discontinuation will reportedly effect the film in all formats – 35, 120 and black-and-white paper.

As other sites such as Japan Camera Hunter have reported before, such dealer documents have been a reliable bellweather for future film discontinuations.

Across 100 is one of the Neopan range of black-and-white films produced by Fujifilm. If it is indeed pulled in October, this will leave Fujifilm with only one black-and-white film left in their roster – Neopan 400CN, a C41-process film which can be hard to find outside of Japan.

The new of Acros’s possible demise comes just a few weeks after the news that Agfaphoto Vista 200 is no more. This was not an Agfa film, but rebadged Fujicolor C200 that had been rebadged by Lupus Imaging, the company that now has the rights to the Agfa name for stills films.

It also comes on the back of gradual pruning of the former film giant’s colour negative and slide ranges, with multi-packs of popular films such as Superia X-Tra 400 and Velvia 100F slide film also recently axed.

While there are plenty of other 100-ISO black-and-white films still available, the possible pulling of Acros is another serious loss in Fujifilm’s remaining film roster.

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  1. I’m still sitting on a stockpile of about 20 rolls of Acros 100 in 120 format, once it’s gone, Fuji not Film is dead to me.

  2. Bugger. I’m a newish film shooter and recently put a roll of Acros through one of my Spotmatics (bought after reading an article about same on Kosmo Foto, I somehow seem to have several now). I really like it and have bought a couple of rolls of 120 to try. Time to buy some more and freeze it. At least I got to try it.

  3. What’s with this Fuji Not Film thing? Are we on war with the company that unlike others kept going and provided us with great film? All things come to the end, buy fresh film while you can and be grateful to fuji for all the films they gave us!

    • People have taken to using Fuji Not Film because Fuji while stating business is usual, emulsions are being discontinued. The prevailing theory is Fuji wound up film production back in 2012 and was selling from a large stockpiles of master rolls. This was a business decision prior to the current film revivial and Fuji’s master roll stockpile is dwindling much faster than first forecast. I love Acros 100 in 120. I have a lead on two more Pro-packs, which will take my small stock pile to 30 rolls. The reality is, there are alternatives, not perfect ones, but alternatives never the less from companies committed to the market. I’ll probably buy some Fuji slide film between now and when Ektachrome hits the market. I have no desire to own a Fujifilm X series camera.

  4. Acros is quite a special film – very fine, very sharp, very neutral, very high quality. Not an “arty” film with special tonality or anything like that, but one of the world’s finest “neutral” films. I would certainly miss it if it was discontinued.

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