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Kodak Gold 200 120 (Pic: Kodak Alaris)
Kodak Gold 200 120’s price has been reduced by 35% (Pic: Kodak Alaris)

Kodak Alaris has announced an end-of-year promotion which sees the dealer prices of some 120 films drop by up to 35%.

The price reduction, which comes ahead of Black Friday and Christmas sales, follows a similar reduction in the price of Lomography’s 120 films. It’s hoped the cheaper dealer pieces will be passed on to retailers.

The price reduction includes a 35% drop in the dealer price of Kodak Gold 120 five-packs. The film was introduced in 2022 as a cheaper alternative to films such as the Portra range.

The promotion includes Portra 160 but not the 400 and 800-ISO films.

The price reduction is offered at dealers, with the intention that they pass these savings onto customers. A 35% reduction in the price of Kodak Gold 200 120 five-packs could theoretically see the UK retail price drop from £50 per pack to under £35 – if the reductions are reflected in the new retail price.

Andrew Church, Kodak Alaris’s EMEA business manager, told Kosmo Foto: “There is no general price drop but we are running some end of year promotions on some 120 films. These films have been reduced to our distributor customers by approximately the amount shown in the table: 

Cat # Description £
1075597 5 Pack 120 GOLD 200 FILM -35%
1808674 5 Pack 120 PORTRA 160 FILM -10%
8731200 5 Pack 120 EKTACHROME E100 FILM -10%
8572273 5 Pack TMX 120 T-MAX 100 FILM -35%
8568214 5 Pack TMY 120 T-MAX 400 FILM -20%
1153659 5 Pack TX 120 TRI-X 400 FILM -28%


He added: “Hopefully the distributors will pass on the full reductions, it may depend on the levels of inventory they are currently holding.”

Church said the reduced prices were not because of a fall in demand for medium format. “120 sales are fairly steady recently, but we will take an opportunity to reduce prices if we can.”

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Tom Findahl
Tom Findahl
18 days ago

That’s great news!
I stopped shooting Kodak film years ago due to the price tag, maybe I’ll shoot some TMax again….