Dubblefilm Treat cassette and box (Pic: Dubblefilm)
The new film is a remjet-removed version of Kodak’s Vision 350D cinema film (Pic: Dubblefilm)

Barcelona-based film brand Dubblefilm has announced its latest colour film, Treat.

Treat is a 400-ISO colour film derived from Kodak Vision 250D cinema film with the protective ramjet layer removed.

The film has been announced as a pre-order but Dubblefilm’s Adam Scott told Kosmo Foto he expected the film to be ready to send out in the next few weeks. It can be ordered via the Dubblefilm website for £15 for a single roll, £29 for two rolls and £69 for a five pack.

A statement from Dubblefilm said: “At Dubblefilm we are making a huge effort to introduce new colour films to the market against the backdrop of worldwide shortages in this sector. With that in mind we introduce Treat!

“An ISO 400 colour C41 film based on Kodak vision 250D with the protective remjet layer removed. Treat is daylight balanced so works great in many conditions and produces stunning colours. It also has the same halo effects as our Cinema film; when very bright highlights meet shadows.”

Dubblefilm added the company is still tweaking the ramjet removal process and users may find light leaks in the first few shots of each roll.

“Although Treat is ready for sale it is still a work-in-progress. The technique of removing the remjet and spooling is extremely time-consuming and in some films there might be some light leaks in the first two to three frames,” Dubblefilm said.

“To reduce costs we opted against the DX code sticker as electric cameras will read it as iso100 which is totally fine for this film. We have tested thoroughly at ISO 100, 400 and in basic point and shoot cameras such as our SHOW range.”

In June, Dubblefilm releases an 800-ISO colour film called Cinema and a new orca-themed version its SHOW camera in August.

You can see examples taken on the film in the following images provided by Dubblefilm:


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11 months ago

A 300% markup on Vision3 film, claiming 400 ISO from film thats only ISO 250 and recommended for overexposure and telling you to expect light leaks on the first few frames. They’re really counting on the idiot market with this one. They should be embarrassed to offer this.