Dubblefilm Keiko SHOW camera and case (Pic: Dubblefilm)
The camera’s new look is inspired by the killer whale which starred in the film ‘Free Willy’ (Pic: Dubblefilm)

Experimental film brand Dubblefilm has launched a new version of its SHOW simple 35mm reusable camera.

The Keiko edition camera is named after a killer whale which was kept in Mexico’s Reino Aventura theme park in the 1980s before gaining worldwide fame for its role in the 1993 film ‘Free Willy’.

Dubblefilm said: “The Keiko is our first special edition SHOW camera which includes a new rope-style adjustable neck strap and special Keiko PVC camera and film case! The Keiko camera comes with bright colour accents ready to pop in your hands as you tap the bright yellow shutter button to document your life and have fun!”

Like the earlier version of the show, the camera takes any type of 35mm film and features a 32mm lens, an integral flash powered by on AAA battery and comes with an integral case.

The new edition of the camera comes with a rope-style strap. Dubblefilm said it will donate 20% of the profits from the new camera will be donated to animal rescue charity IFAW.

The Keiko Show is available from Dubblefilm now and will soon be sold by retailers across the world.

Dubblefilm’s SHOW is one of several reusable simple cameras to have been launched in the last few years, including the Ilford Sprite 35II, the Kodak M35 and LOMOgraphy’s range of Simple-Use Cameras.

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