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Jollylook DIY camera (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)
Jollylook’s camera takes Instax Mini film and is modelled after vintage folding cameras (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)

Jollylook, the Ukrainian company which has released a number of retro-looking instant film cameras, has launched a Kickstarter for a new DIY instant pinhole camera.

The company, which has moved to neighbouring Slovakia because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, launched the Kickstarter last week.

The instant camera resembles a vintage folding camera and has 65 parts. Jollylook said the camera should take been 1.5 and 3 hours to assemble.

“There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of DIY, and Jollylook lets you take part in its handcrafting,” Jollylook said on the Kickstarter campaign page.

“That’s why when you take out a Jollylook, you also bring a little bit of you. Imagine bringing joy with photos and a camera like the olden days. The only difference is that inside is instant film with a manual development mechanism that gives you immediate results.”

Examples of Instac Mini film (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)
The images show characteristic pinhole dreaminess (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)

The camera uses Fuji Instax Mini film and the camera is made from fully recyclable materials, Jollylook said.

The camera is fully mechanical and comes with its own “exposure calculator” to ensure accurate exposures. The bellows allow the camera to be zoomed from a focal length of 55mm up to 110mm. The pinhole has a diameter of .38mm.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the fully assembled camera weighs 500g. The cheapest early bird rewards have already sold out, with the cheapest camera tier costing $79 (£65.80).

Jollylook capmera exposure caluclator (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)
The camera comes with its own analogue exposure calculator (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)

“Making a gadget that combines form and function harmoniously would be a wonderful and rewarding experience! The Jollylook DIY Kit comes with everything you need to create a glue-free, environmentally friendly vintage pinhole camera within no time.”

The campaign was looking for a target of around £16,500 but with 24 days left it has already raised more than £45,000.

camera and exposed image on top (Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)
(Pic: Jollylook/Kickstarter)

Various stretch goals have been announced, including an eco bag, a neck strap and a wooden tripod, depending on how much money is raised.

The Kickstarter runs until 9 September.

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