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Fujifilm Velvia 50 (Pic: Tycho/Wikimedia Commons)
The warning affects 35mm colour films such as the popular Velvia 50 (Pic: Tycho/Wikimedia Commons)

Fujifilm has warned that some of its 35mm colour films will be in short supply in the short-term future, blaming a shortage of raw materials as well as increased demand.

The warning follows a similar message earlier this year regarding the brand’s 120 films.

The message was posted in the news section of Fujfilm Japan’s website last week.

“Due to the shortage of raw materials, supply and demand for “color negative film 135 size” and “reversal film 135 size” are expected to be tight for the time being. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.

“We will continue to take measures to ensure the stable supply of products as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding.”

The announced shortages affect the follow films:

  • Fujicolor 100
  • Fujicolor Superia Premium 400


  • Fujichrome Velvia 50
  • Fujichrome Velvia 100
  • Fujichrome Provia 100F

In April, Fujifilm posted a similar message warning of shortages to its remaining 120-format colour slide films.

Fujifilm continues to sell film amid widespread speculation it has exited the traditional still photography business in favour of instant film and its digital photography line-up.

In the US, Fujifilm’s rebranded Fujicolor 200 now appears to be rebranded Kodak Gold 200 after the publication of a new datasheet showed it was exactly the same as the Kodak emulsion.

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Alexander Kirsch
Alexander Kirsch
10 months ago

I don’t expect anything from FujiFilm anymore. Next steps. Increase Prices and cancel products.

Floris Nijensikkens
Floris Nijensikkens
9 months ago

I just hope that Fujifilm sells of there film production machines to a company who wants to produce film, and not what they did with the peal apart film machines by scrapping them.