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FILM Ferrania P30 (Pic: FILM Ferrania)
FILM Ferrania P30 was first released in 2017 (Pic: FILM Ferrania)

Italian film producer FILM Ferrania has said new rolls of their P30 black-and-white film will feature individual QR codes ahead of what they call “big plans” this autumn.

The codes will be seen on a new batch of P30 FILM Ferrania has produced ahead of full production later this year.

When scanned, the codes will connect the user to an app called “Who Am I”, FILM Ferrania said in a blog post published on their site on Tuesday (2 August).

“This app connects your roll to our database and shows you production information about that specific roll,” FILM Ferrania said.

“Please share with us how you use the QR code. And remember, do not throw them away! Find a place to keep them safe for the future.”

The update comes after a long period of inactivity from the film producer, which last updated customers during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the summer of 2020.

FILM Ferrania added: “We are still working out the final details with our production process so that film will flow out continuously. This has been the goal for a long while, and we are so close to reaching this absolutely critical milestone.

“Watch our social channels and this page for further announcements in September and October.”

P30, a black-and-white 80-ISO film based on a cinema stock produced by the original Ferrania factory in the 1960s, has been the first film released by the revived factory.

FILM Ferrania raised more than $300,000 via Kickstarter in 2013 to restart production in part of the original factory in northern Italy. It initially intended to revive its Chrome 100 slide film, but instead released the alpha version of P30.

The company said it would tweak the recipe of the film – which is very contrasty thanks to a high silver content – after feedback from users. This became a beta version of the film which was released in 2019.

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