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Chroma cameras Cube 66 (Pic: Steve Lloyd)
The Cube 66 follows last years’ 35mm Cube camera (All pics: Steve Lloyd)

Camera maker Chroma Cameras has given Kosmo Foto exclusive details of a new 120 pinhole camera it will be launching next week.

The Cube 66 follows the 35mm Cube camera which was launched at the UK’s Photography Show in September last year.

Chroma Cameras’ founder Steve Lloyd will be launching the camera at the inaugural Analogue Spotlight event in Worcester in the UK next Saturday (14 May). The pinhole camera also follows two other medium-format cameras, the Six:9 and the Six: 12 which were both released earlier this year.

He told Kosmo Foto: “I’ve been planning a 120 pinhole since the original 135 Cube was released, and so well received by the photography community (and I got a lot of messages asking me when its’ big brother would be coming along!)

“The new Cube 66 takes its major body design from my larger Six:9 and Six:12 cameras, with fully removable sliding rear body for loading/unloading film. I’ve also moved to an integrated ratchet winding wheel, rather than the magnetic knobs I use on the 135 Cube. The main benefits of this are that the top plate of the camera is smoother, as there are no magnetic removable knobs, and there’s no risk of ‘fat rolls’ as a result of the winding knob being wound backwards by the natural curl of the film.”

He said he had been working on the 120-format camera for the last two months, and “have gone through at least half a dozen major iterations to get it where I’m happy with it. The two biggest challenges were the integrated ratchet winder and the new hinge down pressure/base plate, which makes loading/unloading considerably easier.”

The specifications of the Cube 66 are:

  • 120 film format
  • .02mm pinhole
  • 6×6 Square frame
  • 12 Frames per roll
  • 30mm Distance between pinhole and Film
  • F/150 Equivalent Aperture (same as 135 Cube)
  • Includes magnetic 49mm filter ring adaptor (same as 135 Cube)
  • Standard frame counter window on the back to ensure consistent frame spacing.
  • Standard 1/4” tripod thread built into base
  • Manual sliding shutter plate with magnetic closure
  • Bubble level built into top plate
  • Compatible with my Chroma Cameras’ ‘Tri-Chroma’ triple filter adaptor
  • Weighs only 185g
  • Dimensions of 120mm (w) x 95mm (h) x38mm (d)

The new camera will cost £120.

“Within the Chroma Family, this model sites alongside the 135 Cube as my simplest cameras,” says Steve Lloyd. “For those photographers who want a very compact pinhole camera, which delivers larger frames than the 135 Cube, it’s an excellent option.

“There are several options for photographers looking for a medium format pinhole camera, in a range of materials/specifications, but there are only two Cubes…”

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