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PPP Cameras rewind lever (Pic: PPP Cameras)
The new lever is designed to make rewinding quicker, especially in colder weather (Pic: PPP Cameras)

PPP Cameras has launched a new rewind lever for Leica rangefinder cameras.

The all-brass lever has been developed by PPP Cameras’ founder Pierro Pozella and his brother Luigi.

“We have designed it to make rewinding film a breeze. designed for your Leica M1 M2, M3, MA and M,” Pierro Pozella told Kosmo Foto.

“The overall design is different to that developed by Leica and other brands as we wanted to design something that was easier to use,” he said. “We have designed our rewind lever to be slightly bigger which allows for more grip when rewinding making it more practical in several conditions such as cold weather, compared to some others that only have a small rewind handle.”

“The component has been developed from solid brass to not only last but also wear with the camera developing its own unique look for each user over time,” Pozella said. “We also offer a kit which comes complete with a matching brass soft trigger sporting the same hexagon pattern only available when purchased with the rewind lever.”

The rewind lever costs £120 on its own and £150 as a kit.

The rewind lever is the latest in a range of products from Pozella, who has emerged as an in-demand film camera repairer aswell as an inventor.

His other products include a brass soft-release trigger for film cameras.

Last summer, he also released a Leica M-mount conversion of the Soviet-era T-43 zone focus lens used in LOMO’s Smena Symbol/Cosmic Symbol camera.

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