Silberra Pan 200 (Pic: Veera SJ/Wikimedia Commons)
Is Silberra Pan 200 getting into the round of 32? (Pic: Veera SJ/Wikimedia Commons)

The summer has already seen three momentous world cups take place.

Just over a month ago, England lifted the Cricket World Cup after what is regarded as the most exciting one-day cricket match of all time (Which, as a New Zealander is still almost too painful to type).

The US took top honours at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, beating the Netherlands to lift the trophy.

The Netball World Cup also took place in July, with New Zealand just beating Australia in a nail-biting final.

Now it’s time for an even more momentous World Cup – the contest to find the champion of all black-and-white films.

In May, Kosmo Foto put out the call for votes in the inaugural Black & White World Cup. Voters chose their three favourite black-and-white films currently in production, with their first choice getting three points, their second two points and their third one point. The winner would be chosen after all these ranked points were toted up.

More than 500 eligible votes were received, and over the past few weeks Kosmo Foto has been crunching the numbers. Those numbers have now well and truly been crunched.

In true Football World Cup fashion, the Black & White Cup results will include a Did Not Qualify round, then the “group stages” (32 to 17), the Round of 16 (16 to nine), the quarter-finals, and the semi-finals and winner. I’ll be rolling these results out over the week.

So first things first. Which films mirror the footballing exploits of the likes of Albania, Belarus, Cape Verde, Dominica and Estonia – not quite lucky enough to take part in the world cup itself?


LOMOgraphy Berlin 400                      20

Rollei RPX 100                                     19

Ilford Pan 400                                  18

Rollei Infrared 400                              18

Ultrafine Xtreme 400                          17

Adox HR-50                                        15

Film Washi ‘W’                                    15

LOMOgraphy Lady Grey                       15

LOMOgraphy Potsdam 100                 15

Film Washi ‘S’                                      11

Catlabs X Film 80                              10

Film Washi ‘D’                                     10

Foma Retro Pan 320 ‘Soft’                 8

Street Candy ATM 400                        8

Holga 400                                         7

Oriental Seagull 100                           7

Ultrafine Xtreme 100                          7

LOMOgraphy Earl Grey                        6

Rollei Blackbird                                   6

Rollei Ortho Plus                                 6

Agfa Copex Rapid                              5

Film Washi ‘V’                                     5

Lucky New SHD 100                            5

Shanghai GP3                                      5

Svema/Astrum ФН-64                        5

Adox IR-HR PRO 50                            4

Foma Fomapan R 100                       4

Silberra Ultima 100                             4

Silberra Ultima 200/Pan 200              4

Adox CHS 100 II                                 3

Film Washi ‘A’                                     3

Kono! Monolit 64                              3

Kono! Rekorder 100-200                   3

Silberra Cinema 52XX                         3

Svema/Astrum Фoto-100                   2

Svema/Astrum Фoto-200                   2

Argenti ARF+ Reporter Film Plus        1

Ilford Ortho Copy Plus                     1

Silberra Orta 50                                  1

Argenti Nanotomic X                          0

Argenti PAN-X                                     0

Argenti Scale-X                                   0

Catlabs X Film 320                            0

Film Washi ‘F’                                      0

Film Washi ‘P’                                     0

Fotoimpex CHM 100                        0

Fotoimpex CHM 400                         0

LOMOgraphy Orca                               0

Oriental Seagull 400                           0

Rera Pan 400                                       0

Rollei ATP1.1                                       0

Silberra Cinema 74N+                         0

Silberra Cinema UN54                         0

Silberra Orta 100                                0

Silberra U200                                      0

Silberra Ultima 160                             0

Spur DSX                                            0

Spur UR                                              0

Svema/Astrum А-2Ш (A-2SH)              0

Svema/Astrum МЗ-3 (MZ-3)              0

Svema/Astrum Фoto-400                   0

Tasma / Astrum НК-2Ш (NK-2)           0

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