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Edmund Holmes is a UK photographer who has returned to film since the advent of digital.

“I’ve been using a lot of colour film in recent months, but receiving my order of KFM inspired me to start a project I’ve had in mind for a long time, which I’ve loosely titled ‘Building Sights’.

“I’m fascinated by the way cities are populated by such wonderfully random buildings, seemingly placed together without any regard for style or age. The attached photos are all scans of 10×8 prints made in my darkroom, which look a lot better than my negative scans. let me know if you need different resolutions.”

Where are you from?
I live near Norwich, UK.

How long have you been shooting film?
I first used film many years ago as a child, when I also learned the basics of film development and darkroom printing. I eagerly adopted digital, but about eight years ago I came to the realisation that my photography was far better and more considered in the days when I used film. The choice was obvious, and now I rarely use a digital camera.

What cameras do you shoot on?
I have too many cameras!  In medium format:  Pentacon Six TL, Rolleicord VA, Mamiya 645Pro TL.

In 35mm: Canon A-1, Canon T70, Kiev 4A, Zenith EM.

What other films do you like using?
Kodak Portra 400, Ilford FP4+, Cinestill 50D.

What are your thoughts about Kosmo Foto Mono?
It has a very pleasant traditional grain which immediately identifies the resulting images as being taken on film. I have developed two rolls in Ilford ID11, and I was really impressed by the good, well-defined negatives. The images I’ve supplied are scanned from 8×10 darkroom prints which I made on Ilford MGIV RC Pearl finish paper.

What films would you like to see on the market?
I would like a high quality film like Kodak Portra, but with lower saturation (like the defunct Portra NC).


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andrew walmsley
5 years ago

nice article. how do you pick people to interview?