The first batch of Kosmo Foto Mono is now sold out, and over the past few weeks I’ve been sending out orders to photographers all over the world – New Zealand, Russia, Greenland and Luxembourg, to name just a few.

I’m really keen to see the pics that people are taking on Kosmo Foto Mono – everyone who sends in a handful of pics and answers the six questions below gets a free roll of Kosmo Foto Mono as a thank you. And you get to be called a Kosmonaut too.

Meet the very first Kosmonaut, Phil Harrison.

Where are you from?

I live in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

How long have you been shooting film?

I have been shooting film since about 1965.

What camera do you shoot on?

My main cameras are Leica M2 with Summarit M 50mm, Fujica ST605 with 58mm Helios, various others occasionally.

What other films do you like using?

Portra 160.Ferrania P30, Fuji Acros. I prefer slower fine grain films.

What are your thoughts about Kosmo Foto Mono?

This what I wrote for Emulsive to go with five images.

“I wanted to see how the film faired under high and low contrast lighting. I was impressed when the scans arrived. The contrast is quite high but retains the highlights. Under high contrast the shadows lost detail as expected. Skin tones are rendered in a pleasant way as can be seen from the studio shots, excuse my portrait skills, never my strong point. In fact it looks an ideal studio film. Kosmo Foto Mono 100 has excellent definition. The film was grainy, more than FP4+, but pleasantly in a traditional way.”

Basically I like contrasty films and I like Kosmo Foto Mono 100 and would be happy to use it regularly.

What films would you like to see on the market (old films or new ones)?

I would like to see a very fine grain 400iso-ish film, finer than currently available, could be old or new emulsion.

Many thanks to Phil for sharing his images – if you also fancy featuring as a Kosmonaut, please send an email with your pics and answers to:

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[…] Check out the first Kosmonaut, Phil Harrison. […]