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After what has seemed like a very long wait, the first batch of Kosmo Foto Mono has arrived and has started being sent out to people who pre-ordered.

This is a traditional black-and-white print film that can be processed by any lab that offers black and white development.

But part of the joy of traditional black-and-white film is that you can process it at home if you want to.

Below is a factory-endorsed development chart for a range of chemicals that should give you excellent results.


These recommended developing times are for normal contrast negatives (based on intermittent agitation.) All developing times are for standard 68°F/20°C. Dev time may vary based on environment, water quality and your equipment used.


DEVELOPER                                                 DILUTION               TIME @68°F/20°C

Arista® 76 Powder                                        Stock                                 6 – 7

Arista® 76 Powder                                        1:1                                     8 – 10

Arista® Premium Powder                             Stock                                  6

Arista® Premium Powder                             1:1                                      7

Arista® Liquid Film Developer                      Working Solution              7

Arista® Premium Liquid Developer               1:9                                    7

Marathon® Film Developer                            1:9                                    6

Ilford ID-11, Kodak D-76                               Stock                                6 – 7

Ilford ID-11, Kodak D-76                               1:1                                    8 – 10

Kodak XTOL                                                    (Straight)                         5 – 6

Kodak TMAX Developer                                  1:4                                    5 – 6

Kodak HC 110                                                Not recommended

Agfa Rodinal                                                   1:25                                  3.5


Recommended agitation: Agitate continuously for first 30 seconds of development, then agitate in of 5 to 7 inversion cycles for 5 seconds every 30 seconds for the remaining development time. Where continuous agitation is used in a rotary processor, reduce the developing times by 15%.

Development times may need adjusting to suit individual processing systems and working practices. If an established system is producing good results, adjust the recommended development times until the desired contrast is obtained.


If you are using other developers please mail me and I will try and get an answer for you.

If you’re planning on pushing Kosmo Foto Mono (which you can do up to 400ISO) please change the development times accordingly.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the results from people shooting Kosmo Foto Mono. Drop me a line at foto.dowling@gmail.com if you’re happy to be featured as one of the ‘Kosmonauts’. Everyone who has bought and has their images published on Kosmo Foto gets another roll of Kosmo Foto Mono as a thank you.


Happy shooting

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5 years ago

Thank you for this table but the development time with Rodinal 1:25 seems rather short, do you have a duration for a dilution at 1:50 ?