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This blog is five years old this year, with more than 170 articles covering all manner of analogue photography – from Lomography to street photographers like Garry Winogrand, the Kodak Brownie to the humble Holga, the pioneers of early space photography to the state of film in 2017.

The launch of my first film – a re-branded 100-ISO black-and-white film in 35mm – means the blog is taking a giant step forward.

And before the packaging went off to the printers and the film started taking shape I began to think – is this the time to create a new brand, from scratch. Does that giant leap demand something else of cosmic proportions?

Well, the answer – at least in my head – is yes.

From today, the blog is now known as Kosmo Foto, and the film that you can pre-order in the shop is now known as Kosmo Foto Mono. This has meant some slight re-design to the packaging, though as you can see the changes are minimal, and Martin Duncan has certainly kept to the spirit of his original packaging that drew so much positive feedback. Every other aspect of the film remains the same.


Kosmo Foto, to me, keeps the same feel, a world of old-school analogue inspired by my love of Zenits and Zorkis and Kievs, and of a thousand other clockwork cameras from analogue photography’s golden age. It’s also partly inspired by the awesome space artwork Martin did for the Kosmo Foto packaging – the kind of stylized retro space scene that might have once adorned a Soviet matchbox.

So welcome to Kosmo Foto – and here’s to the journey ahead.

Stephen Dowling

Kosmo Foto

PS: Love/like/tolerate/despise the new packaging and name? By all means, drop me a line at foto.dowling@gmail.com.

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