ORWO website banner (Pic: ORWO)
The new film is said to have more accurate colour rendition than NC500 (Pic: ORWO)

German film producer ORWO is set to release another colour film, according to reports.

News of the new film – a 200-ISO colour negative film called NC 200 – was featured on last week’s episode of Nico’s Photography Show by Nico Llasera, after his visit to German photography trade show Photopia in September.

Llasera said while at Photopia he spoke to ORWO’s coating engineer, who told him that the new film was coming.

“He told me he had something for me that I could share on the news,” Llasera said in the video, holding up a roll of NC200 in 35mm and NC200 in 120. “These are beta rolls from a new coating by ORWO, it’s called NC200, it’s a 200-ISO C-41 colour film.”

Llasera continued: “I saw results from this person Robert, and they were actually perfectly boring – which is good.” He said the new film has much more accurate colour rendition – especially with reds and greens – than NC500.

You can see all of Llasera’s report below, from around 4.00.

Kosmo Foto contacted ORWO for further information on the new film last week but has yet to receive a response.

There is no mention of the new film either on the company’s website (which has not updated its news section for at least a year) nor on their Instagram page.

ORWO – the once-East German film brand which made film in the original Agfa plant in Wolfen, had not made colour film since the 1990s but returned to the market after being bought by a new owner who also owns the German film coating business InovisCoat.

ORWO at first teased the release of a colour film based on an old Agfa cinema stock. The new colour film – called NC500 – was released in mld-2022 and featured a desaturated colour palette very similar to Lomography’s Metropolis film.

News of another imminent colour film release comes as ORWO appears to have struggled to fulfill orders for NC500 from private customers.

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