Harman Photo teaser image (Pic: Harman technology)

Harman Technology – the makers of Ilford Photo-branded films and chemicals – has teased a new product under a new brand name, Harman Photo.

Harman Photo launched new social channels on Instagram and Twitter just before the Analogue Spotlight show in Nottingham in the UK last weekend (14 and 15 October).

The accounts have shared little except black-and-grey graphics with the image of a phoenix and the words “Coming Soon”, and the message: “Something exciting is coming… Follow the journey #harmanphoto.”

The teaser campaign has led to intense speculation from film photographers, with guesses ranging from colour film to pack film and even cameras (the Ilford brand was used on a number of film cameras in the 20th Century.)

No details have been given for when the new Harman Photo product will be unveiled, though in the last few years new products under the Ilford Photo name have appeared in the weeks running up to Christmas.

These products have recently included the surprise release of Harman-produced Kentmere 100 and 400 black-and-white films in 120 format for the first time in 2022.

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