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Vintage film cameras (Pic: Dan Cristian Pădureț/Pexels)
(Pic: Dan Cristian Pădureț/Pexels)

Last year Kosmo Foto tried something new – selling used film cameras via our online shop.

Over the years, I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of different film cameras, and not all of them have gelled. I thought rather than leave them in the back of a cabinet gathering (hopefully not too much) dust, I’d sell them on to people who could use them.

Around the same time, I started scanning some of the auctions here in the UK, some of which sold boxes of compact cameras. I know repairers who will take any spare parts, I get to try out a bunch of cameras I might otherwise have never shot on, and people get to buy cameras that have been film-tested for peace of mind. Some have even been repaired if needed, thanks to the wonderful Pierro from PPP Cameras.

I’ve built up a little bit of a backlog of cameras to test – more than 100 – and decided to start listing recent arrivals on the shop once a month, along with other cameras that are still in stock. Hopefully you’ll find something that fits your budget.

Here’s what’s currently available:

Canon AF-7 £40

Classic entry-level AF compact from the 1990s with an ultra-large viewfinder, three-step auto-focus and auto advance and rewinding. Film tested with a 90-day warranty.


Hanimex 35HS £25

Pure plastic fantastic point-and-shoot, probably made by Halina, and perfect for popping in your pocket on a sunny day out. Fixed focus. Film tested with 90-day warranty.


Holga 120N (boxed) £30

Mint Holga 120N 120 Holga toy camera, unused, with manual and wrist strap, still in original box. Not film tested, with 90-day warranty.


LOMOgraphy Diana Baby 110 £30

Mint, boxed 110-format version of the famous Diana toy camera. Comes with manual etc, still in original box. Not film-tested, with 90-day warranty.


Minolta AF-E £45

Classically 80s-styled compact camera from Minolt’s AF range, featuring infra-red autofocus, automatic film advance, a built-in flash and DX coding from ISO 100 to 1000. Film tested and 90-day warranty.


Olympus Accura Zoom 80 DLX £40

Stylish Olympus zoom compact camera from the mid-1990s with a 39-80mm zoom, autofocus and integral flash. Film tested with 90-day warranty.

PC-135F camera £17.50

Simple reloadable camera with an “optical lens” and flash powered by AA batteries. Perfect for sunny days or night out where you don’t want to take a proper camera. Not film tested.


Praktica MTL 3 with Hanimex 28/2.8 lens £65

1980s-era M42-mount SLR from the famous Praktica MTL range, paired with a 28/2.8 Hanimex Auto wide-angle lens. Film tested, with 90-day warranty.


Samsung AF Slim Zoom £50

Very well-specified compact zoom camera with an impressive range of modes and an excellent 35-70 zoom. Film tested with a 90-day warranty.

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1 year ago

The prices seem to be reasonable. I would go for the praktika, if I had not 3 film cameras sitting on my shelf.
A week ago I bought a fed 4 and I promise to write a review 😎😎