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PPP water bottle with camera (Pic: PPP)
The bottles can hold either three or four rolls of film (Pic: PPP)

British brand PPP has released a product with a difference – a metal water bottle which will also keep your film cool.

The bottles are being offered in two sizes, one which will cool three rolls of 35mm, and an extra-large model which will carry four rolls of 35mm or four rolls of 120 film.

“Introducing our latest film holder designed to take with you everywhere, keeping both you and your film cool for up to 24hrs,” PPP says in the listing for the carriers.

“We have developed a reusable water bottle that will carry your film as well as water! less to carry, protects your film from the heat and is designed to fit in your bag.

“The small bottle will carry up to three 35mm rolls of film perfect for a day out. The XL bottle will carry up to four 35mm or even four 120 rolls of film perfect for a hike.”

Both mottle feature a removable section on the bottom to house film rolls, entirely separated from the liquid-carrying part.

The bottles cost £25 for the small model or £30 for the XL model.

The refillable bottle is the latest in a number of new products launched by PPP, which is run by camera repairer and inventor Pierro Pozella.

PPP bottle with camera (Pic: PPP)
(Pic: PPP)

Last year, he released a limited-edition Leica M lens using the 40mm T-43 lens used in the LOMO Smena Symbol camera. (Read Kosmo Foto’s test report here.)

PPP has since branched out into offering new parts for classic cameras, such as soft triggers for Leica M cameras, replacements shutter buttons for Olympus XAs and baseplates for Hasselblad medium format cameras.

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1 year ago

Looks like a handy tool for secret agents