Japan Camera Hunter Fugufulm 400 (Pic: Japan Camera Hunter)
The new film is a 400-ISO colour E-6 slide film (Pic: Japan Camera Hunter)

Tokyo-based film brand Japan Camera Hunter has teased the release of a new film – a 400-ISO E-6 slide film called FuguFilm 400.

The new film was unveiled in an Instagram post on Wednesday (23 March).

The Instagram post showed an image of the film’s pink box art and three example images taken on the film, alongside a short caption saying: “They say good things come in threes. More info coming soon…”

The film is the third colour film to be unveiled this week, following the release of Kodak Gold 200 in 120 and Cinestill’s new 400-ISO colour film, 400D, on Monday (21 March).

Japan Camera Hunter’s Bellamy Hunt did not divulge any further details on the new film, but told Kosmo Foto there would be more information at the end of the week.

The film is the second emulsion to be launched by Japan Camera Hunter, which began as a camera-finding agency for collectors outside Japan. Hunt launched the film brand with Street Pan 400 in 2016, a black-and-white film made by Belgium’s Agfa-Gavaert which had never been offered as a 35mm film before. A 120 version of the film followed in 2017.

Following the retrenching of the film market in the 2000s and 2010s, all remaining colour slide films are of 100 ISO or below. LOMOgraphy pulled their Xpro Chrome 200 film in 2018, while Fujifilm’s Provia 400X film was discontinued in 2013.

You can see the example images of JCH’s new slide film below.

We’ll follow up with further details on FuguFilm 400 when they are announced.


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Gary Quinn
1 year ago

We’re really being spoiled this week. Those sample shots have a certain expired look to them. What do we think folks: rebranded Fuji Provia 400?

Roger B.
Roger B.
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Quinn

Gary, I had the same reaction: These images look like faded ‘chromes perhaps shot on Gevaert film in the 1960s. Definitely not like aged Ektachrome, as they are not pronouncedly yellow and blue. This film will fill a niche when we want to achieve a nostalgic look in landscapes or portraits.