Hasselblad 907X Anniversary edition Kit (Pic: Hasselblad)
The new kit is inspired by the famous Hasselblad SWC (Pic: Hasselblad)

Hasselblad has unveiled a new medium format digital camera back which has full compatibility with its famous V-System medium format film cameras.

The 907X Anniversary Edition Kit draws inspiration from the famous Hasselblad SWC wide-angle camera which was used by Nasa on the Apollo programme. The kit comes complete with an XCD 30/3.5 lens and a 50MP sensor which captures RAW stills of around 106MB.

The camera’s announcement was teased earlier this week with the tagline “Beyond Classic”, sparking speculation that the new camera would have some compatibility with Hasselblad’s film models. The model has been released to mark the Swedish camera maker’s 80th birthday.

The new kits sees the lightweight 907X camera paired with the CFV 11 50C digital back which can now be used on any of the company’s medium format V-system cameras, such as the 500C/M and the 2000FC.

“While inspired by the SWC camera, the 907X goes a few steps further. Unlike the SWC, the 907X is an interchangeable lens camera that supports both live view and autofocus,” Hasselblad said in the camera’s launch statement. “The detachable CFV II 50C digital back can blend seamlessly with a film camera body*, launching film cameras into the digital age. Through innovating on the classic design, the legacy of the SWC camera is reinvigorated with 907X.

Hasselblad 907X Anniversary Edition Kit (Pic: Hasselblad)
(Pic: Hasselblad)

“The 907X camera body not only supports XCD lenses, but is also designed to blend seamlessly with HC/HCD, V, and XPAN lenses via adapters, enriching the capture possibilities when used with the CFV II 50C digital back. The CFV II 50C can also be paired with film camera bodies, taking a leap by coupling analog and digital shooting.”

Only 800 of the new cameras will be released. The camera is expected to retail for around $15,000.

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