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Rubinar mirror lenses (Pic: Shvabe)
The four lenses are based on designs built during the Soviet era (Pic: Shvabe)

Shvabe, the Russian company which owns the camera and lens maker Krasnogorsk Mechanisky Zavod (KMZ), has announced the release of four new mirror lenses.

The lenses, each available in M42 mount, are reworked versions of earlier lenses produced during the Soviet period.

The four new lenses are:

  • MC Rubinar 1000/10 Macro
  • MC Rubinar 500/8 Macro
  • MC Rubinar 500/5.6 Macro
  • MC Rubinar 300/4.5 Macro

Schvabe said in a statement: “The new versions of these devices received a redesigned hood, improved matte inner surfaces and anti-reflective coating – which is especially important for digital photography.

Line-up of lenses (Pic: Shvabe)

“The metal body is not made from a pipe, but is milled from a workpiece. This solution provided a higher manufacturing accuracy and stability of the optical circuit during operation.”

The lenses are made by Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant (LZOS), a lens maker which also made lenses such as the Jupiter-12 35/2.8 and Jupiter-8 50/2 lens for Soviet rangefinders.

“In the new look, lenses have become more modern and gained a number of advantages. So, creative people will love the ring bokeh and macro mode. At the same time, our specialists retained the M42 mounting thread for greater unification with all existing bayonets through simple and inexpensive adapters. At present, the first batch has been manufactured,” Shvabe’s release quoted LZOs’s general director Alexander Ignatov.

Rubinar 1000/10 lens (Pic: Shvabe)
The 1000/10 is the only one currently listed on Shvabe’s website (Pic: Shvabe)

Shvabe says the 1000mm lens can be adjusted by LZOS so that astrophotographers can use it to take pictures of the Moon.

Only the 1000/10 lens is currently listed on the Shvabe website, with a listed price of 58,800 roubles (£575/$800/€660).

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2 years ago

Great news.

2 years ago

Rubinar lenses are already available from german distributor. http://www.zenit.shop
UndeT M42 bayonet