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Valoi 350 holder unit (Pic: Valoi)
The systems includes two different holders and an advancing unit (Pic: Valoi)

A new film scanning set up for digital cameras has been launched on Kickstarter.

The Valoi 360 is a modular system which includes a 35mm film holder, a 120 holder and a film transporter.

The Valoi has been produced by engineers Wicher van Lambaglen and Arild Edvard Båsmo. It launched on Wednesday (18 November).

“Whether you are a student on a tight budget or find joy in scanning yourself, Valoi 360 will optimize your scanning workflow and improve your scanning results,” the Valoi Kickstarter page says. “It is designed by passionate film photographers to maximize functionality and provide a complete set of features, all while keeping costs down. Currently, the system consists of three main parts – the two different holders and the film advancer.

Holders and advance unit (Pic: Valoi)
The advance unit (top) and the two holders (Pic: Valoi)

“While there are other great products on the market to assist in film negative digitisation, Valoi is the only one that offers high-quality construction and a wide feature set without the high price point. Additionally, Valoi brings a completely new design to the table, with the film holders separate from the film advancer, allowing more affordable multi-format use. This design also allows those on smaller budgets, access to the quality injection moulded holder with S-curve film flattening functionality without having to buy the film advancer.”

The Valoi launch comes in the wake of the pixl-latr film holder from 35mmc’s Hamish Gill, the Cameradactyl Mongoose and the film cameras from Negative Supply.

Valoi 360 on light table (Pic: Valoi)
The Valoi is designed to be used with a DSLR and a light table (Pic: Valoi)

The project is seeking to raise €60,000 and runs until 12 January. In its first 24 hours the project has raised some 45% of its target.

The 35mm holders cost from €19 and the 120 holders €29, with the film advancer and 35mm holder set costing from €129.

The holders can be used on a tablet or light table, using a digital camera or a phone to take images.” The Film Advancer is an upgrade that the Holders sit in to allow for quicker and easier forwarding to the next frame, using a knob that you turn while also bringing the film plane further away from the light source for additional diffusion,” Valoi’s Kickstarter says. “The frame and axle are made of steel and the rollers of rubber. It is supplied with screw-in rubber feet with long threads so they can, to some degree, be used for levelling.”

For more details on the Valoi project, head to this interview on 35mmc.

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