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Pentax film cameras (Pic: Thomas Backa/Flickr)
Which ones get your vote? (Pic: Thomas Backa/Flickr)

This November marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of spectacle lens producer Asahi Kogaku Goshi Kaisha. Film camera fans will know them by a different name, however: Pentax.

Pentax may never have rivalled Canon and Nikon as producers of professional-level SLRs, but they built an incredible array of cameras, including one of the best-loved SLR models of all time, the Spotmatic. The 6×7 camera was one of the classic medium format SLRs, and the Espio range of compact cameras are still widely regarded today.

To mark the 100th birthday of Pentax, Kosmo Foto is looking for the film community’s favourite Pentax film camera.

You’ll be able to vote for your three favourite Pentax film cameras from the list, and the ranked votes will decide the winner. Your first choice gets three points, your second two points and your third choice one point.


Please share the link with other Pentax fans – Kosmo Foto will be offering one lucky voter a mystery prize (more details to come). The email addresses gathered on this list will be deleted after the prize is drawn and will NOT be added to any email/marketing lists.

Voting is open until 30 November. The winner will be announced in December.

The full list is on the voting sheet, but you can also see the list of the voteable models below.

  • Asahiflex I
  • Asahiflex IA
  • Asahiflex IIA
  • Asahiflex IIB
  • Pentax *ist (2003)
  • Pentax 645
  • Pentax 645N
  • Pentax 645NII
  • Pentax 67
  • Pentax 67 II
  • Pentax 6×7
  • Pentax A3, A3000 (USA)
  • Pentax AP
  • Pentax Auto 110
  • Pentax efina
  • Pentax Electro Spotmatic
  • Pentax ES
  • Pentax ES II
  • Pentax Espio IQZoom series
  • Pentax K
  • Pentax K1000
  • Pentax K2
  • Pentax K2DMD
  • Pentax KM
  • Pentax KX
  • Pentax LX (1980)
  • Pentax ME
  • Pentax ME Super
  • Pentax ME-F
  • Pentax MF
  • Pentax MG
  • Pentax MV
  • Pentax MV1
  • Pentax MX
  • Pentax MZ-10/ZX-10 (1996)
  • Pentax MZ-3 (1997)
  • Pentax MZ-30/ZX-30 (2000)
  • Pentax MZ-5/ZX-5 (1996)
  • Pentax MZ-50/ZX-50 (1997)
  • Pentax MZ-5N/ZX-5N (1997)
  • Pentax MZ-6/ZX-L (2001)
  • Pentax MZ-60/ZX-60 (2002)
  • Pentax MZ-7/ZX-7 (1999)
  • Pentax MZ-M/ZX-M (1997)
  • Pentax MZ-S (2001)
  • Pentax P30/P3
  • Pentax P30n/P3n/P30t
  • Pentax P50/P5
  • Pentax PC series
  • Pentax Pino series
  • Pentax Program A, Program Plus (USA)
  • Pentax S
  • Pentax S1 / H1
  • Pentax S1a / H1a
  • Pentax S2 / H2
  • Pentax S3 / H3
  • Pentax SF7/SF10 (1988)
  • Pentax SFX (SF1) (1987)
  • Pentax SFXn/SF1n (1989)
  • Pentax SL
  • Pentax SP1000
  • Pentax SP500
  • Pentax Sport
  • Pentax Spotmatic
  • Pentax Spotmatic F
  • Pentax Spotmatic II
  • Pentax Super A, Super Program (USA)
  • Pentax SV / H3v
  • Pentax Z-1/PZ-1 (1991)
  • Pentax Z-10/PZ-10 (1991)
  • Pentax Z-1p/PZ-1p (1995)
  • Pentax Z-20/PZ-20 (1993)
  • Pentax Z-5 (1994)
  • Pentax Z-50p (1993)
  • Pentax Z-5p (1995)
  • Pentax Z-70/PZ-70 (1995)

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