Kodak Alaris says it will begin coating trials on its long-awaited Ektachrome 100 120 film in July, it has emerged.

Kodak Alaris has published an Instagram post which confirms the tests are going ahead.

The post, which was published on 1 June, says: “We know you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of larger format Ektachrome E100 Films. We are diligently working on bringing them to market, with a wide coating trial of the 120 format film planned for late July!”

News of the film was first announced on the Sunny 16 podcast in February, sparking considerable interest from film photographers.

The 120 film, when released, will follow in the footsteps of the reinstated 35mm version of the film, which was announced at CES in Las Vegas in January 2017 and eventually released in October 2018.

Kosmo Foto has contacted Kodak Alaris for comment and we hope to add further detail in due course.

The surprise return of Ektachrome has seen Kodak Alaris re-enter the slide films market some six years after it asked the last of its reversal films, which included Ektachrome E100G and the saturated E100VS.

Fujifilm had had the slide film market to itself for the last half-decade, though its range has dwindled to only three films – Provia 100F and Velvia 50 And 100.

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