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Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa, shooting her Olympus Mju (Pic: Dua Lipa/Instagram)

Pop stars coming back home have priorities just like the rest of us.

Dua Lipa, the British pop star behind chart-swallowing hits like ‘New Rules’, doesn’t see as much of her London home as she used to.

On Monday she posted on Instagram a picture of her shooting on an Olympus Mju compact and made it pretty clear what number one on her to-do list was now she was back: “Landed in London with a bunch of film to develop… “

Lipa is one of a clutch of music stars to recently fly the flag for film, alongside rappers Drake and Frank Ocean (shooting on the ultra-trendy Contax T2 and T3 respectively) aswell as ex-White Stripes frontman Jack White, who recently opened a film lab in Nashville.

The emoji at the end of Lipa’s post suggests she needs recommendations for labs, so Kosmo Foto’s pen tried-and-trusted recommendations are:

  • Bayeux – one of London’s best pro-level labs on Newman St, just off Oxford Street.
  • Analogue Films – a brand new lab which opened just a few weeks ago in Shoreditch, and quickly a firm face with you photographers.
  • West End Cameras – they used to have a shop on Tottenham Court Road, now online-only. Perfect results for those shooting cheap, cheerful or chic compacts.

(Kosmo Foto also knows where Lipa can pick up a half-decent black-and-white film too…)

We’re aware that choice of lab is entirely subjective, of course, and there could be any number of other labs worth trying – so if you have a favourite, leave a comment below.

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3 years ago

Black and white and colour film developing and scanning and black and white printing is available on line from Harman (producers of Ilford film) at harmanlab.com