The new films from Dubble (Pic: Dubble)

The team behind the Dubble multi-exposure picture app have launched a pair of new colour films that feature pre-exposure for creative effects.

The 35mm films – called Sunstroke and Moonstruck – were launched on Tuesday (24 October) in collaboration with film-maker KONO.

And co-founder Adam Scott has told Kosmo Foto that the films are the first in what he hopes is a range of films to bear the Dubble name, in collaboration with KONO, who are working on a brand new emulsion.

The launch comes as Dubble – whose app allows people to create images from two separate photos – celebrates its fourth birthday. The films are available to buy through their shop, priced at €12 a roll (£10.75/$ 14.10), or as a double pack with one of each variety for €22 (£19.70/$25.90).

Taken on Sunstroke film (All pics: Dubble)

“Dubble’s unique film has been created using a one-of-a-kind machine called  ‘The Reanimator’; a device developed by KONO’s Uwe and Ralf Mimoun,” a statement from Dubble said. “‘The Reanimator’ produces a mix of digital and analog film manipulation directly onto 35mm. Dubble film will launch with two unique types of film pre exposed with effects using KONO’s ‘Reanimator’: Sunstroke & Moonstruck editions.”

Sunstroke is a colour print film with reddish patches that look like the kind of light leaks users of Diana, Holga and other ‘toy cameras’ will be familiar with. Moonstruck, on the other hand, has a blue bias and less saturated, washed-out colour palette. Both films come in 24-exposure rolls and are both rated at ISO 200.

Taken on Moonstruck film

Scott told Kosmo Foto that the films are existing emulsions – their journey through the ‘Reanimator’ is what gives them their special characteristics.

“All our film is made using existing film stock and running it through a one-of-a-kind machine by KONO! called ‘The Reanimator’. Once the film has been reanimated we add the film name sticker to the film and canister. It has a very hand-made feel as you will see.

“The reanimated product range by both KONO! and Dubble film  will grow in the coming months .

Taken on Sunstroke film

“But the big goal for KONO! is to launch a completely new emulsion in 2018 on 35mm, 120 and 5×4. Initial test of this emulsion are very promising and it will be a completely new kind of film to hit the market.”

Scott gave no further details on whether the film would be colour or black-and-white.

KONO, which has been running since 2014, has brought out a range of experimental films, some of them based on scientific emulsions or cinema stock.

See more examples of the film in the gallery below:


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Rudiger Smoot
Rudiger Smoot

It looks like film from a camera with light leaks and mistreated or expired film.. Not for me, it’s a complete rip-off in my opinion.

I’ve never understood why some folk desire unpredictability with film.


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