Kosmo Foto Mono is starting to take physical shape.


Packaging is being finalised, and all the logistical bits and bobs taking shape.


So much so that I now have an estimated delivery date – around the 15th of November.


This is a few weeks later than intended, for which I apologise. I hope everyone can be patient. As soon as the film is here in London I will start sending it out.


I don’t like the idea of putting payments through and it being weeks before people get what they paid for. So I will move the payment processing date to Friday 10 November. That gives a few days for all PayPal processing to go through so the funds are there – and I can then pay the postal costs.


The second batch of Kosmo Foto Mono is already being organised – with a large chunk of it being made available to retailers around the world. If you live in Germany, Spain, Philippines, Hong Kong and Czech Republic, it looks like it might be available at a photo store near you.


I’ll publish a list of retailers stocking it when these are finalised.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered the film so far. A few hundreds rolls are still left – get them while you still can.

Thanks and don’t hesitate to drop me a line at foto.dowling@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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