Dubblefilm Glitch film (Pic: Dubblefilm)
The new film features artefacts which ape the look of analogue TV static (Pic: Dubblefilm)

Barcelona-based film brand Dubblefilm has launched a new film which apes the distortion and static on VHS players and analogue televisions.

The new black-and-white film is called Glitch and Dubblefilm says it is aimed at photographers “who like to experiment with something different”.

“Glitch is a fun addition to the Dubblefilm range. This new film is designed to imitate the TV glitch and VHS tracking effects that were common in the era of analogue television,” the brand said in a press release.

“With Glitch, photographers can now capture the same visual distortion and static seen on old VHS tapes and television sets. The effect is a unique look that is sure to be popular with photographers and videographers who like to experiment with something different.

“Glitch has a fun-to-animate character, giving shooters many creative possibilities. With its TV glitch and VHS tracking effects, this film is sure to be a hit with fans of 90’s lo-fi effects.”

The film is a true black-and-white film with an ISO of 200 which can be processed in all popular developers.

Each 36-frame roll costs £13 and is available to buy now via the Dubblefilm site.

The new film joins 15 other 35mm films in the Dubblefilm range, including the Treat colour negative film which was released last December.

You can see some example pictures taken on Glitch in the gallery below:

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