Valoi easy35 scanning attachment (Pic: Valoi)
The attachment has its own light source and attaches to the filter mount of a macro lens (All pics: Valoi)

Finnish analogue photography brand Valoi has launched a fundraising campaign for a new home-scanning attachment to scan film with a digital SLR.

The easy35 follows the release of the Valoi 360 film holder which was released in 2021 after a successful funding campaign on crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Valoi ‘s Indiegogo said: “The Valoi easy35 is a professional-grade scanning kit condensed into a small but powerful package. Putting together a camera scanning kit has never been easier.

“You will only need to supply your own macro lens and camera, and the device is compatible with all interchangeable-lens cameras and most macro lenses. Equipped with a high-quality, bright light source this device is a true all-in-one scanning platform for your film: no stand, no light source and no separate film holder needed.”

Close-up of easy35 and film (Pic: Valoi)
The attachment includes metal parts which Valoi said will make it last for years (Pic: Valoi)

Valoi posted the following specifications of the new attachment:

  • Plug-and-Play scanning at home
  • Scan up to 10x faster than with a flatbed scanner
  • Super compact: Fits in a small camera bag
  • Professional-grade film holders for speed and quality
  • Built-in light source for convenience and consistent quality
  • Great materials for a long-lasting product
  • Modular holders allowing formats smaller than 35mm
  • No copy stand or tripod required, saving you space and money

The easy35 includes a built-in light source with an internal battery that can be recharged via a USB-C cable.

“In the easy35, the film is shaded from external light – completely enclosed in the dark, anti-reflective tube between your lens and the holder, you can scan in broad daylight if you want to,” Valoi said. “There are no pesky reflections causing spots or nasty colour casts. This is a significant benefit over traditional camera scanning setups.”

Valoi easy 35 on digital camera (Pic: Valoi)
The campaign is aiming to raise €60,000 (Pic: Valoi)

The easy35 Indiegogo went live on Tuesday (21 March) and costs €139 at the early bird price, or €159 at the standard price.

Valoi says the attachment can save photographers some €550 a year, based on scanning 50 rolls a film at normal lab resolutions, or €800 a year scanning at high resolution.

The easy35 scanner campaign needs to raise €60,000 and if successful the finished holders are expected to start shipping in August of this year, Valoi said.

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