Pixl-latr x Valoi adapter (Pic: Pixl-latr)
The new adapter is available via the pixl-latr shop (Pic: Pixl-latr)

Pixl-latr and Valoi, two companies making equipment for digital camera film scanning, have joined forces to release a new scanning accessory.

The pixl-latr x Valoi adapter combines Valoi’s film feeding system and pixl-latr, which holds film flat above a light source so that it can be scanned via a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Pixl-latr is a British-based company run by 35mmc’s Hamish Gill and Valoi is based in Finland, run by Arild Båsmo.

The new accessory allows the Valoi film feeder to be mounted to the mask and is available via the pixl-latr shop for £14.99.

In a press release, Gill said: “Pixl-latr also comes with a built in diffuser, and offers compatibility with their Mask-A4 accessory for cutting out extraneous light for higher quality digitisation, and a series of 3D printed ‘gates’ for digitising mounted slides and various other niche formats.

Pixl-latr x vValoi adapter (Pic: Pixl-latr)
(Pic: Pixl-latr)

“Valoi’s film holders, with their ingenious method of feeding the film through a curved channel, offer their users a faster way to digitise larger amounts of roll film with less fuss whilst still holding the film flat. Their holders are available in both 35mm and 120 medium format film, as well as an upcoming range of Custom Series holders covering more niche formats.

“By combining the two platforms with the new pixl-latr x Valoi adapter, users will find themselves with increased versatility and speed as well as a built in diffuser and compatibility with accessories for greater quality digitisation and still at a highly cost effective price point.”

Gill and Båsmo decided to work together after the latter shared plans to produce a rival product to Gill’s pixl-latr.Gill said: “Working in collaboration to bring our customers more options and better products feels pretty good to me! We hope this is just the beginning too, who knows what we can bring to the market when we continue working alongside each other.”

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