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Trio of GP810HP cameras (Pic: Gibbellini)
The cameras are first being offered to customers of Pagani cars (Pic: Gibbellini)

Italian luxury car maker Pagani has teamed up with an equally high-end camera maker to release a large-format folding camera that will cost more than £60,000.

Pagani, which makes sports cars that cost more than $2m (£1.73m), has collaborated with luxury camera producer Gibellini to create a limited-edition batch of 8×10 cameras.

Only 75 of the GP810HP cameras will be produced, with 30 reserved for those who have bought Pagani cars in the past, luxury title Robb Report has said. The price tag? €75,000, which is almost exactly $75,000.

Pagani’s founder Haracio Pagani said the gift of a folding film camera from one of his friends recently was the inspiration. “As I looked at it, I thought of the hundreds of cell-phone snaps we take unthinkingly without enjoying the pleasure of taking a real photograph,” he said. “I decided to become part of all this and, together with my designer, engineer and materials expert colleagues, we set to work and designed a photo camera. We wanted a design object crafted so painstakingly as to arouse an emotion in the beholder. We called it ‘GP810HP’.”

Gibellini has already made a one-off camera for Pagani himself (perhaps the camera that was gifted) with design touched that mimicked some of the styling of Pagani’s high-performance cars. The camera – only one of which was made – can be seen on Gibellini’s site.

Images of the camera show a choice of bellow colours – black, red or white. Those wanting to lug the 10.4lb (4.7kg) camera out of the confines of their home will be glad to know the camera comes with a suite of luxury leather cases and travel bags.

Examples of shots taken on the camera have also been released, some of which can be seen below.

The camera’s technical details include a total front rise of 45mm, and a front fall of 55mm. It also offers a wide range of movements for front shift, front swing, central front tilt, rear shift, and rear swing.

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Francois Spenard
8 months ago

NUTS ! How about making a camera for us Mere Mortal of the world !!! Like affordable maybe?

Richard Moore
Richard Moore
8 months ago

I would love to be so unconscionably wealthy that I could afford to buy something like this but just hope if that unlikely event were to happen that I would not do so. If such a camera had emerged fully formed then I would be more interested (beautiful design is beautiful design after all) but I suspect the raison d’etre of this camera is more about selling luxury goods to the super-rich when an Arca Swiss is just too plebian. I suppose an upside is that it (hopefully) helps keep Gibellini making cameras for the merely very rich.