Glass orb in forest (Pic: ORWO)
ORWO had earlier said that a black-and-white film would be released this year (All pics: ORWO)

German film brand ORWO has unveiled the first in its new line-up of films, a 100-ISO black-and-white film called Wolfen NP100.

The film was unveiled via ORWO’s Instagram account on Monday (25 April).

ORWO’s parent company Filmotec recently merged with German film producer InovisCoat and ORWO had said the first new film from the revived company would be a black-and-white negative film.

The name Wolfen harks back to ORWO’s very beginnings; the East Germany-era ORWO brand took over the original Agfa plant in the city of Wolfen.

ORWO said: “On social media you can find photographers new & old shooting expired rolls of original ORWO films such as NP15, NP20, and NP27. These films are still producing wonderful results even though their expiration dates were during the 70s!

“This community inspired us to produce a brand new ‘NP’ addition to this world-famous range of photo films.

“Wolfen NP100 is an exceptionally fine grain 100 ASA, 36 exposure, black and white photographic film. This is one of the first professionally finished films launched by the company in decades, proudly still produced in Bitterfeld-Wolfen on the original site where film manufacture has been a tradition since 1910.

“NP100 has been made available on a strictly limited run of 36,000 cassettes (36 exposures) and is right now being packaged into Industry standard DX-coded steel canisters on our brand new finishing line.”

A small number of example images were posted along with the announcement, some of which are below:

ORWO added that the film will not be released as early as had been hoped.

“We previously said that shipping was expected to start in April but due to transport delays earlier in the timeline, shipping is now expected to begin in June.

“Pre-orders will launch on Friday 30th April on our new online store, Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up here to stay connected with all the latest updates.”

ORWO has also teased the release of a colour ECN-2 cinema film later this year, which will also be available for stills cameras.

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