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Street Candy MTN 100 (Pic: Street Candy)
Street Candy MTN 100 was the most recent of the brand’s film, released in 2021 (Pic: Street Candy)

Film brand Street Candy has stopped making film, blaming the spiralling cost of film.

The brand, run by Vincent Moschetti, has rebranded two films, ATM 400 in 2017 and MTN 100 in 2021.

But now Moschetti has discontinued both Street Candy films because of rising costs. Moschetti had in recent weeks asked for customers to order film because of the difficulties in meeting costs.

In a post on Street Candy’s Facebook page this week he said: ”It’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing the end of #streetcandyfilm.

“I’ve done everything I could to keep this running and had great hope in the future after all the support we received from you all, since the beginning and, especially when I announced recently that I was struggling to keep things running.

“Unfortunately there are some things that our out of my control and when your business depends on a film manufacturer who decides to triple the price of film over night, there is simply nothing left I can do. As much as I hate to write these words I don’t see myself selling film for 15€ a roll.

“Not sure what I’ll do next but for now I prefer to end this here and take a break from running this business for my own wellbeing.

“The last 174 rolls of ATM400 left in stock are now available on the site if you wish to grab some before they’re gone for good.

“I’m out of words for now so I’ll finish up by thanking again our dear partners and photographers who helped us and took part of this adventure to #keepfilmalive.”

Street Candy was one of a number of new film brands (including Kosmo Foto) which have emerged in recent years amid renewed interest in film photography.

In 2020, the brand became the first to offer film in a recycled cardboard canister in an effort to cut down on plastic waste.

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